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Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Mr Benjamin Fuller

Research Student

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Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
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(2016). Blast Quantification Using Hopkinson Pressure Bars. Journal of Visualized Experiments, pp. 1-11. (Full Text).
(2016). Experimentation and modelling of near field explosions. In Proceedings of the 24th Military Aspects of Blast and Shock (Full Text).
(2015). Finite element simulation of plates under non-uniform blast loads using a point-load method: Buried explosives. (Full Text)., Abstract: There are two primary challenges associated with assessing the adequacy of a protective structure to resist explosive events: firstly the spatial variation of load acting on a target must be predicted to a sufficient level of accuracy; secondly, the response of the target to this load must also be...
(2015). Effect of Spatial Variation of Blast Loading on Response of Plates. (Full Text)., Abstract: Burying a high explosive in soil is known to confine the detonation products and focuses the blast in the vertical direction. The expanding detonation products and soil particle barrage will therefore impart a highly non-uniform spatial distribution of pressure on a target situated above the...