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Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Matthew Gilbert & Andy Tyas to present at Polish Academy of Sciences


On Friday 4th April CMD members Prof. Matthew Gilbert and Dr Andy Tyas, together with former CMD member Dr Aleksey Pichugin, now of Brunel University, London, will deliver presentations at a special symposium on 'Layout optimization of engineering structures' organised by the Polish Academy of Sciences. The event will be held at Warsaw University of Technology.

List of speakers and topics:

  • D. Bojczuk - Optimal design of bar structures based on virtual elements concept
  • M. Gilbert, C.C. Smith, A. Tyas, S. Hawksbee and A. V. Pichugin - Application of layout optimization in limit analysis and design
  • A. V. Pichugin, A. Tyas and M. Gilbert - Uniform loading problems for periodic domains: examples of optimal structures
  • A. Tyas, A. V. Pichugin, and M. Gilbert - Layout optimisation of structures with transmissible loads: some recent results
  • T. Sokół - On the plastic layout optimization of large-scale trusses for multiple load conditions - an extension of the theory of Michell trusses

The Polish Academy of Sciences, founded in 1952, is the top institution in Poland of its kind.